The New Leaf Project


This project was formed in 2009 and came about in partnership with the National Offenders Management Service (NOMS) due to the high number of Muslims in Welsh prisons. The clients of the project are offenders/ex-offenders. These are vulnerable adults who if not reached at the crucial point in their life are likely to re-offend. The team support and give guidance to ex-offenders in the hope that they will become well-grounded individuals who can contribute to the community and society in a positive way.


The project was originally created because of the high number of Muslims in prison however has since widened it’s remit to BME and Muslims offenders. We want to be able to help individuals to make informed positive choices. A lot of the prisoners engage in criminal behaviour to feed a drug or alcohol habit. The project workers help ex-offenders to make a fresh start by providing them with alternatives ways to live their life. We want to encourage them to become role models for our future generation.


The team support individuals within the prison by assessing their needs and identifying any problem areas which may lead to re-offending when released. The team work with offenders twelve weeks pre-release and continue support post release up to nine months. The support is tailored to meet the needs of the individual working through the criminological seven pathways which are:-

  • Relationships
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Attitude, behaviour and thinking
  • Health & well being
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Accommodation
  • Finances & debts


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