Advocacy is a service that supports people to speak up for their rights, either themselves or through the support of an advocate. 

Advocacy is taking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain services that they need.

Advocacy respects people’s rights to control their own lives and make their own choices. Advocates can help ensure that your voice is heard and that you participate fully in the decisions made about your lives.

Why would you need an advocate?

  • You may want someone to speak or advocate on your behalf
  • You may not feel listened to by systems
  • You may not be aware of your options

ISSA Wales’ advocacy service can help and support you with the following:-

  • Discuss concerns
  • Find information
  • Understand the situation
  • Understand your rights
  • Make informed choices
  • Express your point of view

The work of an advocate can include helping with writing letters, making phone calls, representing your wishes, and/or negotiating with an outside agency.

Who are the advocates?

ISSA Wales advocates are specially trained volunteers who freely give of their time and experience.


Any information given by you to the advocates will be kept in strict confidence.

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