About Us

The idea for ISSA wales was first proposed in 2005. It originated due to a handful of people acknowledging that there was a lot of social problems within the Muslim community that were not effectively being tackled by the community itself or mainstream agencies. Whilst recognising this they also noted that there was no social wellbeing service that was able to meet the religious and cultural needs of the Muslim community.

In order to try and address this problem they created a voluntary organisation that was based on a model they had seen operating in Canada. The idea was to support vulnerable individuals by recruiting volunteers who had some knowledge of working with vulnerable people but who also recognised the religious and cultural needs of the Muslim population.

The other aspect was to recruit a person who had the skills and Islamic knowledge to support the volunteers but also provide Islamic counselling to clients. Since its original inception the organisation has grown and adapted in order to meet the changing needs of the community it serves.

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