Preparation for Death


Our training aims to provide an insight on the rituals of washing and shrouding the deceased. This training provides individuals the space to reflect on mortality in a safe environment as well as gaining skills on what to expect when someone dies. The purpose of the training is to provide the community with the skills and confidence to support family, friends,neighbours and others during the death of a loved one. The training is therefore not only invaluable for delegates who attend but also the community at large.

We also provide on-going training regarding theories of grief and how to help support people who are experiencing grief.


Practical help and support

Once the death has been confirmed and all the necessary preparation and arrangements have been made for the release of the deceased. It is important the deceased is prepared and buried in the shortest practical time. All Muslims should be washed and shrouded in preparation for burial. Our team of trained and skilled support workers are able to wash and shroud the deceased or simply assist and guide family members when asked. Our team are able to give guidance on what should be done and how.



Writing a will is something in life that we do not normally think of as a priority however it is important to prepare a will which is accessible at the time of our death. The will helps to stipulate what you would like to take place after you have gone. Having your will prepared will give an indication of your wishes to your family and friends. A will should be made whilst you are in sound mind.

There are many qualified people who can help you to write a will. We can help sign post you to an appropriate person. We can also help you with a template and assist in checking it over by a professional person.


Emotional Support

When bereavement occurs or you have a loved one who is terminally ill we offer to provide emotional support when it is requested. At times of loss or bad news people react in different ways some are able to manage and deal with the current situation and circumstance others may find it difficult to carry out all the practical issues. We may want to feel the touch or long to see the one who has passed away.

This is a time where having someone to talk to can help express this longing and sense of loss. We can provide emotional support by talking through, helping you understand what you are feeling and help you to recognise your own stages of grief.

Often the bereaved will have love and support for the first few weeks after  the bereavement occurring however as the weeks pass it often occurs that the peoples visits and supports decrease. This is when it is good to have consistency in the support. Our team can provide emotional support via befriending or  chaplaincy visits or through our counselling service.

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